Open Architects MTSS Tool Kit

The Open Architects MTSS Toolkit provides districts and schools with a comprehensive system for supporting students' academic, behavioral, and social-emotional development. Our platform empowers educators to improve student outcomes by allowing staff to collaboratively view and enter data within our secure Partner Portal.

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Open Architects MTSS Tool Kit

MTSS Platform and Tools

Comprehensive Dashboards

Our intuitive dashboards provide a complete overview of each student's academic progress, behavior, attendance, and social-emotional well-being. Easily identify patterns, trends, and areas that require intervention, allowing for timely and effective support.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Our platform fosters a collaborative environment for all stakeholders involved in a student's educational journey. Teachers, counselors, administrators, and other staff can easily communicate, share insights, and work together to create personalized learning plans.

Customizable Note-taking and Planning

Our platform allows you to enter detailed notes and develop individualized plans for each student. Monitor progress, document interventions, and collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure every student receives the tailored support they need.

Real-time Data Access

Our platform provides real-time access to critical data, enabling educators and administrators to make informed decisions quickly. Instantly view student performance metrics, attendance records, and other relevant data to help you stay proactive in your MTSS implementation.

Secure Data Management

Our platform is built with robust encryption and authentication protocols to ensure your information remains safe and confidential. We adhere to strict data privacy regulations and continually update our security measures to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Robust Permissions

Within our secure partner portal, you can easily customize data access for each account to ensure users only view data for their school or department.

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