Open Architects Data Dashboards

Our dashboards transform your data into actionable information. Dashboard data refreshes nightly, so you always have the latest information at your fingertips, from daily attendance to district and school enrollment, to the latest assessment results. Easily monitor trends and use our advanced features to filter, slice, and drill down into the data for deeper exploration.
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Intuitive Design

Working with data should be fun. Our dashboards aren’t just functional, they’re beautiful and intuitive.

Realtime Insights

Your dashboard data refreshes every 24 hours. No more waiting for weekly or monthly reports.

Robust Permissions

Customize data access for each account to ensure users only view data for their school or department.

Integrated Data

Our dashboards bring together data across domains, so you can see how student, HR, and financial trends intersect.

Filter, Slice, and Export

Interactive features allow you to filter your data by demographic group, slice by school, and select date ranges. Export custom reports from your dashboards for printing or follow-up action.

Custom Built

Choose from our menu of best-in-class dashboards or request a fully custom project. We would love to innovate with you.

See it in Action

Don't take our word for it. Schedule a demo and see it live.

Popular Dashboard Suites

Check out our most popular dashboard packages.

Student Dashboards

Visualize all your student information in one place, including attendance, interim assessments, course grades, behavior incidents, and more.
  • Which students are at risk of becoming chronically absent?
  • Which class sections are in danger of becoming over-subscribed?
  • Which courses are most challenging for students?
  • How does student attendance impact assessment results?
  • How has school performance changed over time on our state assessment?
Student Dashboards
Special Education Dashboards

Special Education Dashboards

Easily view information about your in-district and out-of-district students, IEP requirements, program staffing, and costs.
  • Which special education programs have increasing or declining enrollment?
  • How many IEPs will be due soon and are any overdue?
  • Are we projected to stay within our out-of-district budget for this fiscal year?
  • Are we in compliance with IEP translations?

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