Open Architects Data Builder

Still tracking sensitive data on isolated spreadsheets? Use our Data Builder feature to easily input data into our secure system instead, and then see it integrated alongside other data in your dashboards. Data Builder is your go-to tool for drawing insights from essential data that currently live outside of your main information systems. See below for examples of how our client partners are using Data Builder.
Data Builder

Popular Uses

See how school districts are using Data Builder to super-charge their dashboards.

Multi-Tiered System
of Supports (MTSS)Use Data Builder to assign students to tiered support levels, create and track student intervention plans, and maintain intervention notes all in one place. Multiple school and district staff can input intervention actions and follow progress on MTSS plans. Then see if your interventions are delivering results by monitoring student outcome trends for each tier or intervention, including attendance, behavior, course grades, and assessments.

Program Participation Trends

Create lists of students participating in district priority programs such as summer school, enrichment, early college, or career pathways. Track participation trends and see if program participation is impacting student outcomes.

Compliance TrackingBetter manage necessary compliance tracking and other reporting, such as capturing teacher professional development credits or maintaining out-of-district placements for students with disabilities. When you track data with Data Builder, you can easily monitor progress with a glance at dashboards that refresh daily as opposed to combing through static spreadsheets.

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