Explore your data

Our data warehouse is the perfect tool for data analysts. We clean and integrate your data into an organized database, saving you hours each week. Browse and query data tables and harness the power of advanced features like filters, visuals, and dynamic reporting. It’s never been easier to explore your data, quickly respond to data requests, and create custom reports.
Data Warehouse


Visual Query Builder

Use our integrated query builder to join tables, drill down, and group by fields. No SQL knowledge required!

Simple Dashboard Creation

Easily create and share interactive dashboards with 15+ visualization types.

Filter, Slice and Drilldown

Filter by date, slice by grade level, and drill down to each student for complete control of you view.

Export Data

Found the data you’re looking for? Export it to Excel, CSV, or JSON to continue your work offline.

Save Reports

Create and save recurring reports that automatically refresh with current data when you log in.

Full Auditing

Inspect user behavior across content, data access and data downloads.

See it in Action

Don't take our word for it. Schedule a demo and see it live.