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Open Architects was founded by former school district and public sector practitioners with the mission of creating best-in-class data tools for education, public sector, and non-profit organizations.

Our Solutions

At our core, we're data nerds with a passion for public service. Because we’ve been there, we understand the data challenges you face each day and approach every engagement as a partnership in solving those problems. We put data at your fingertips with custom, interactive data dashboards that seamlessly connect to your existing data systems and refresh nightly. We also offer a suite of data analysis tools including data collection capabilities and a data warehouse platform, all easily accessible through our Partner Portal.
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Safe & Secure

Your data is protected at all times with encryption during transit and secure storage. We use industry-leading tools such as Amazon Redshift and Microsoft PowerBI.

Realtime Dashboards

Leverage the power of instant analysis with realtime dashboards that update constantly. Never wait for a report again.

User-level Permissions

Our Partner Portal offers the power and flexibility of user-level permissions. For instance, give district-level staff access to all data and school-level staff access to only their data.

What We Do

We all know that actionable data leads to better decisions, but busy leaders don’t have the bandwidth to compile and analyze data across multiple systems. We do all the heavy lifting to collect, clean, and organize your data, so there is virtually no setup work on your end. To put it simply, we give you the data tools you need, while trying to take as much work off your plate as possible.

Choose from our menu of best-in-class dashboards or request a fully custom project. Either way, your dashboards and other data tools are tailored to your unique data and organizational needs.

Read about some of our favorite tools.

State Assessment Explorers

View summary information or dive deep into state assessment results using our tool.

Daily Attendance

Find out how attendance is trending across the district and schools and identify students for intervention.

Combined Assessments

Stop logging into five assessment platforms to view results, our combined assessments dashboard puts the results in one place.

What We Do

IEP Tracker

Tracks active IEPs, expiring IEPs, and common special education data errors.

Teacher Licensure

Keep track of your teachers and their licensure expiration dates with our tool that connects directly to the state data.

HR & Finance

Track open positions, manage the General Fund budget and more with our HR & Finance dashboards.

Hundreds of dashboards already created. Find out how we can build yours.

Who We Are

Open Architects (OA) provides data analysis combined with custom-built visualization tools to give public service leaders the information they need to make data-informed decisions. Our tools seamlessly collect, combine, transform, analyze, and present data from disparate sources. Staffed by former practitioners, OA creates the tools we wish we had when we worked in public service roles. Learn more about our product offerings, dashboard packages, and see why over 125 organizations partner with us.

Ready To Help

We provide support for organizations of all sizes, in all sorts of situations.

Schedule a quick demo to learn more. We'll walk you through our Partner Portal, all the tools we offer, and how we believe we can help your organization use your data.
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