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Open Architects helps school and district leaders find insights and take action with their data by providing tailored, easy-to-use dashboards that integrate a variety of sources into one location.

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Find insights, take action

We put data at your fingertips with custom, interactive data dashboards that seamlessly connect to your existing data systems and refresh nightly.

All your data in one place

The Open Architects (OA) portal brings student, staff, and finance data together in one secure location. Our portal allows each user to view their dashboard menu, click through dashboards, export data, and more. In the OA portal, users can quickly switch between viewing student assessment data, monitoring staff attendance, and tracking year-to-date spending progress.

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Interactive Dashboards for School Districts

Simple, intuitive dashboards

Every dashboard OA creates is designed to be simple, practical, and easy-to-use. Our dashboards feature intuitive and interactive visuals, so you can quickly and easily access the data you need. Filter your data across multiple indicators, drill down to focus on individual student groups, and export lists of students for follow up support.

Interactive Dashboards for School Districts

Take action

Move beyond simply viewing data to act on the insights you find with OA's Data Builder. Perfect for implementing MTSS, RTI, and PBIS systems, our Data Builder tool allows users to tag students, assign interventions, and add notes — all in the OA portal.

Data Builder for MTSS

Dashboards designed for you

We’ve worked closely with school and district leaders to develop a suite of practical, easy-to-use dashboards.

Student Attendance Dashboard My Students Explorer Dashboard Daily Student Trends Dashboard Staff Evaluation Education Dashboard Enrollment Map Interactive Dashboard General Fund Monitoring Finance Dashboard Staff Attendance Education Dashboard Student Behavior Dashboard Staff Insights Education Dashboard Purchasing & Invoice Finance Dashboard

Open Architects is bringing our data to life, providing our district with the visuals that have been missing for years.

— Veronique Roberts

Lowell Public Schools

How it works

We do all the heavy lifting to collect, clean, and organize your data, so there is virtually no setup work on your end. To put it simply, we give you the data tools you need, while trying to take as much work off your plate as possible.

Intuitive Design

Working with data should be fun. Our dashboards aren’t just functional, they’re beautiful and intuitive.

Realtime Insight

Your dashboard data refreshes every 24 hours. No more waiting for weekly or monthly reports.

Unlimited Users

You can give access to as many users as you’d like, helping to build a culture of data within your organization.

Robust Permissions

Customize data access for each account to ensure users only view data for their school or department.

Integrated Data

Our dashboards bring together data across domains, so you can see how student, HR, and financial trends intersect.

Filter, Slice, and Export

Interactive features allow you to filter your data by demographic group, slice by school, and select date ranges. Export custom reports from your dashboards for printing or follow-up action.

Who we are

Open Architects (OA) provides data analysis combined with custom-built visualization tools to give public service leaders the information they need to make data-informed decisions. Our tools seamlessly collect, combine, transform, analyze, and present data from disparate sources. Staffed by former practitioners, OA creates the tools we wish we had when we worked in public service roles. Learn more about our product offerings, dashboard packages, and see why over 150 organizations partner with us.

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