How we work

We make implementation a breeze

We know first hand that working with education vendors can be a difficult process. Not with OA. We work hard to ensure that the implementation process is as quick and easy as possible so that you can focus on the important work within your organization.

The process:

Initial Call
Initial call

In the initial demo call, our team will provide an overview of our product and discuss which plan is best for your organization. Schedule Now!

Customized proposal
Customized proposal

We’ll create a custom proposal for your organization. We have dashboard packages tailored to districts & schools of all sizes, from single school sites & small rural districts to large urban & suburban districts.

Kickoff meeting Dashboard
Kickoff meeting

After agreeing on the proposal, we schedule a kickoff call with project leads from your organization where we outline the implementation timeline & gather information on your data sources.

You get dashboards!

Our data engineering team sets up data connectors and our analyst team builds out your suite of dashboards. We aim to deliver the full suite of tools within 2-3 months, although you’ll typically receive your first dashboards in as little as two weeks.

Ongoing support

Once your suite of dashboards is operational, we shift our focus to supporting you. This is often where we begin to tailor your dashboards to better fit the specific needs of your organization. You can reach out to our team at any time with questions or support requests.

Ongoing support


We take security seriously

We built our Data Warehouse, Partner Portal, and every aspect of our IT infrastructure with a security-first approach. We treat your data as if it were our own.

Data storage and infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure was built using enterprise technology with a security-first approach.

Access-controlled data warehouse
Access-controlled data warehouse

Your data is stored in a secure, access-controlled container with specific permissions on an enterprise cloud platform.

Separate databases and containers for clients
Separate databases and containers for clients

All client data is siloed into separate data storage containers. Your data is never mixed with other data.

Data encrypted during transit
Data encrypted during transit

Data exchanges are always done over a secure protocol and never exposed to the internet.

SOC 2 Compliance

We follow the SOC 2 Compliance framework and complete regular independent security audits. We partner with Vanta to actively monitor our infrastructure and practices for real-time compliance monitoring.

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SOC 2 compliance

Partner Portal

All of our dashboards are accessed through our secure Partner Portal designed with security as its first priority.

Single sign-on
Single sign-on

Add another layer of security and control by enabling SSO through Google or Microsoft. SSO allows you to disable accounts, require 2FA, and leverage Google or Microsoft’s unauthorized sign-in detection.

Dashboard Permissions
Dashboard permissions

Access to dashboards is set at the user-level. Specify which users get access to which dashboards for perfect control of your data. Dashboard permissions can be managed by your own organizational leaders or by Open Architects staff.

Row-level Security
Row-level security

Row-Level Security provides granual control over your data. Allow users to access dashboards, but limit the data shown with school-level and classroom-level permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Don’t see the answer to your question listed here? Send us a message!

Once we begin our partnership, how long until I receive my first dashboards?

While specific implementation timelines vary by organization, we typically deliver your first dashboards as little as two weeks after getting access to your data sources. The full suite of dashboards is typically delivered within 2-3 months.

Do you work with my data sources/platforms?

We have pre-built data connectors for over 40 of the most common student information systems, assessment platforms, HR systems, and finance systems, so we most likely already support your platform. If, however, your organization uses a data source that we haven’t worked with before, we will custom-build a new data connector so that we can can connect to your system.

How many staff members can I give access to OA?

All OA contracts include unlimited users so you are free to give access to as many staff members as you choose. Some organizations prefer to give access primarily to a smaller leadership group and others decide to give access to 1000+ staff and teachers.

Can I give my teachers access to OA?

Yes! We fully support teacher access to our platform.
  • We can connect to your student information system to sync your active teacher user accounts on a nightly basis so that you don’t have to manage the user accounts for hundreds of teachers.
  • We’ve specifically designed a dashboard for teachers (My Students Explorer) that gives them all the relevant assessment, attendance, and behavior data about their students all in one place.
  • We support classroom-level permissions which filter our dashboards so that teachers only see students who are enrolled in class sections that they teach.

Can I limit my staff’s access to certain dashboards or data?

Yes! You can set dashboard-level permissions which define which staff can access which dashboard reports. We also support school-level and classroom-level permissions which specify which students your staff members can see within a dashboard. Staff members with school-level permissions will only see student-level data for students enrolled in their school. Teachers with classroom-level permissions will only stee student-level data for students enrolled in course sections that they teach.

How do your plans work? Can I sign up for multiple or just one?

Our three dashboard plans (Student, HR, and Finance) can be combined in any way your organization needs. Whether you want just one plan, a combination of two, or all three, we can support your request. If your organization wants multiple plans, we will package them together in a unified contract.

Do you have a data security certification?

Yes! We follow the SOC 2 Compliance framework and complete regular independent security audits. We partner with Vanta to actively monitor our infrastructure and practices for real-time compliance monitoring. You can view more information here .