OA Security

We built our Data Warehouse, Partner Portal, and every aspect of our IT infrastructure with a security-first approach. We treat your data as if it were our own.

To put it plainly, we take security seriously. Continue reading for the complete details.
Open Architects Security

Data Storage and Infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure was built using enterprise technology with a security-first approach.

Access-Controlled Data WarehouseYour data is stored in a secure, access-controlled Azure Blob container with specific permissions on Microsoft’s enterprise platform.

Separate Databases and Containers for ClientsEvery client receives their own database and data container. Client data is never stored with other client’s data.

Data Encrypted During Transit

Data exchanges are always done over a secure protocol and never exposed to the internet.

Our Partner Portal

All of our dashboards are accessed through our secure Partner Portal designed with security as its first priority. Read about how we protect your dashobards and data within our portal.
Student Partner Portal

Single Sign-On

Add another layer of security and control by enabling SSO through Google or Microsoft. SSO allows you to disable accounts, require 2FA, and leverage Google or Microsoft’s unauthorized sign-in detetion.
Single Sign-On Portal
Dashboard Permissions

Dashboard Permissions

Access to dashboards is set at the user-level. Specify which users get access to which dashboards for perfect control of your data.

Dashboard permissions can be managed by your own organizational leaders or by Open Architects staff.

Row-Level Security

Row-Level Security provides granual control over your data. Allow users to access dashboards, but limit the data shown within. This is perfect for school principals or financial analysts that should only have access to one school or department.

Our row-level security shows its true power when implemented at the classroom-level. Give teachers access to a Student Overview dashboard that shows data on only their students.
Row Level Security

Personnel Security

Security starts with employees, read about some of the measures we have in place.

Limited Access for Open Architects Employees

Only relevant Open Architects employees have access to customer data and access is controlled by the System Administrator.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our employees go through a Cyber Security Awareness training program designed to educate them on the risks of account takeovers, phishing attacks, and proper password practices.

Policy and Procedures for Secure Separation

We have internal procedures in place for when an Open Architects employee separates from the company. These policies protect your data and limit liabilities.

Background Checks for New Hires

We use a service to perform a background check on all new hires to ensure we know who we are hiring and who will have access to important data.