Open Architects Partner Portal

Access your data tools and services through our secure Partner Portal, customized for you. Our portal allows each user to view their dashboard menu, click through dashboards, export data, and more. Organization leaders can add or edit user accounts, set permissions, and view usage stats.
Student Partner Portal


Easy Sign-on

We support Google and Microsoft single sign-on for a seamless log-in experience.


All data in the portal is protected with encryption during transit and stored securely using industry-leading tools.


Your organization leaders can add, remove and update user accounts. No emails or support tickets needed.

Insightful Stats

See which dashboards are viewed most frequently, and by whom.

Robust Permissions

Set permissions at the dashboard or data level, to ensure each user only has access to appropriate data.

Access Other Tools

Use our Partner Portal to access your Data Warehouse and Data Builder tools implentations.


Our Partner Portal provides secure access to all your Open Architects data tools.
Take a look below at everything available inside the portal.

Data Builder

Still tracking sensitive data on isolated spreadsheets? Use our Data Builder tool to easily input data into our secure system instead, and then see it integrated alongside other data in your dashboards.
Data Builder by Open Architects
Data Warehouse Data Explorer by Open Architects

Data Warehouse

Get access to your customized Data Warehouse after we have imported, cleaned, and transformed your data. It's the perfect companion tool for data analysts looking to create custom queries and data exports.


Slice, filter, and dive into your data with our interactive dashboards. We make it easy by handing data integration and nightly refreshes for an always-up-to-date experience.
IEP Translation Tracker

See it in Action

Don't take our word for it. Schedule a demo and see it live.